Santa Maria Hardwood (Calophyllum brasiliense)


Santa Maria, Jacareuba - Calophyllum brasiliense
Santa Maria, Jacareuba - Calophyllum brasiliense


Scientific Name
Calophyllum brasiliense


Other Names
Jacareuba (Brazil, Argentina), Aceite Maria (Colombia),
Guanandi, Calaba, Leche Maria, Alfaro




General Description

Santa Maria’s beautiful heartwood can vary in tone from pink to red to purple, but is typically monochromatic. It is the wood of choice for many furniture builders in Central America due to its abundance and excellent workability. When finished, Maria displays a quality luster and grain pattern.


Santa Maria, Jacareuba - Calophyllum brasiliense


Santa Maria is regarded as an excellent hardwood for working by hand or machine.

In the presence of interlocked grain, sharp cutting tools are recommended, however the blunting effect is slight.

Screws and other fasteners hold effectively, and the grain responds well to gluing in joinery.




Santa Maria, Jacareuba - Calophyllum brasiliense


It is important to combine air and kiln drying knowledgeably with Calophyllum brasiliense to reduce defects. Kiln schedules T2-D4 and T2-D3 are recommended for 4/4 and 8/4 stock, respectively.



Santa Maria has good resistance to decay from fungi and dry-wood borers, but is moderately susceptible to termite attack. Thus, treatment and proper finishing are suggested. Santa Maria is not recommended for marine use.



Furniture, decorative mouldings, joinery, general construction, flooring, veneers, paneling, door and window frames


Santa Maria, Jacareuba - Calophyllum brasiliense

Technical Data*

Janka hardness: 1,150 lbs

Density: 641Kg/m3 or 0.65 g/m3

Bending strength: 14,640 psi

Modulus of elasticity: 1,800 (1,000 psi)

Tangential shrinkage: 8.0%

Radial shrinkage: 4.6%

* all values given at 12% moisture content




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