Nargusta Hardwood (Terminalia amazonia)


Guayabon, Nargusta - Terminalia amazonia


Scientific Name
Terminalia amazonia


Other Names
Guayabon (Nicaragua), Tanimbuca (Brazil), Cumbillo (Honduras), Almendro, Guayabillo, Fukadi, Amarillo (Panama)



General Description

Terminalia amazonia, known also by the trade names Nargusta and Tanimbuca, is a tropical hardwood species with a wide range throughout Central and northern South America. The heartwood is typically yellow to pinkish-red, often with dark red veins running along the grain. The grain is tight, and extremely non-porous, which makes treatment difficult, but also results in excellent durability.


Nargusta is generally considered difficult to work by hand, because of its hardness and blunting affect. However, straight-grained sections are more workable and yield excellent results from machining. Fasteners hold well, but gluing capability is poor.



Guayabon, as Nargusta is known in Nicaragua, dries slowly, with some variation in defects reported, from very mild to moderate checking and warping. Kiln schedules T3-C2 and T3-C1 are recommended for 4/4 and 8/4”stocks, respectively.

Nargusta’s heartwood holds up well to fungal-decay and is resistant to termite attack. Once finished, Nargusta should provide a durable, long lasting product.


Flooring, cabinetry, furniture, structural building components, exterior/interior joinery, mouldings, shipbuilding



Technical Data*

Janka hardness: 1,809 lbs

Density: 769 Kg/m3, 0.93 g/cm3

Bending strength: 16,821 psi

Modulus of elasticity: 2,135 (1,000 psi)

Tangential shrinkage: 8.7%

Radial shrinkage: 6.4%

* all values given at 12% moisture content




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