Reforestation and Hardwood Lumber Exports

Maderas Sostenibles operates on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Nicaragua. We're processing and exporting sustainably sourced tropical hardwood timber products from areas that were devastated by Hurricane Felix in 2007, and planting and managing hardwood timber plantations with teak and high value native species on spent pastureland on the Pacific coast.

Our Company

Maderas Sostenibles S.A. was formed in 2007 to reforest spent pastureland with tropical hardwoods, including teak, mahogany, and pochote. MSSA handles both the initial planting, as well as the sustainable management and maintenance of the forest. We offer various opportunities for timber investments, ranging from small teak parcels to large reforestation projects.

In late 2007, Hurricane Felix, a category 5 hurricane, struck the northeastern Atlantic side of Nicaragua – the RAAN – destroying its existing tropical forest and fragile local economy. In 2008, MSSA entered the Greiton area of the RAAN to extract timber knocked down by the storm and reforest the area. In addition to harvesting the fallen hardwood, MSSA has built a forestry camp, nursery, and has constructed a sawmill in Rosita where we process the hurricane salvaged timber and sell it as sawn lumber. MSSA is partnering with local landowners to harvest the hurricane hardwood and reforest the hurricane zone.

tropical hardwood timber and exotic hardwood lumber products

Aram Terry

exotic hardwood lumber productsMSSA owns and manages a private 175-acre timber plantation near San Juan del Sur, Rivas.

exotic hardwood lumber productsMSSA owns and operates a sawmill on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua exporting multiple native species to different buyers in the United States, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, and Asia.

exotic hardwood lumber productsMSSA intimately knows the process of producing lumber from extraction, milling, transport, export and sales..

exotic hardwood lumber productsMSSA has solid relations with the government regulation branch INAFOR, and is recognized as one of the export mills that also plants and manages hardwood plantations.

Our Team

Aram Terry

General Manager. Aram graduated from Boston University School of Management & directs all company operations and sales. He came to Nicaragua as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2002 where he spent two years working in natural resource management in northern Nicaragua. Prior to his association with Maderas Sostenibles, Mr. Terry was involved in real estate sales and development throughout Nicaragua. Mr. Terry is a citizen of the United States and a permanent resident of Nicaragua.

Olin Cohan

Director of Operations Olin also came to Nicaragua with the Peace Corps in 2001 and has lived here ever since. He was raised in Northern California and studied at St. Mary's College. after finishing Peace Corps Olin started a non-profit which financed thesis work for university students who were studying biology related topics in Nicaragua's Protected Areas. He also created a hostal in Leon called La Tortuga Boluda. Olin has been working with MSSA since Jan. 2012

Noel Lopez

Head of Planting Operations. Noel is from Pueblo Nuevo, Rivas the same area where Maderas Sostenibles has its private plantations. Noel has spent his life working in agriculture. For the past 10 years, he has been working in plantation forestry specializing in teak and other fast growing trees, as well as managing a sustainable farm that produces herbal essences for perfumes in France.

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